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Activ Racer - Mobile Arcade


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Activ Racer - Mobile Arcade

Remember the days of going to the arcade and having to wait in a long line to play your favourite car racing machine?

Wouldn't it be great if you could bring that excitement straight to your mobile device?

This device of virtual wizardry allows you to do exactly that.

The Pocket Arcade is the latest creation that uses augmented reality to turn your phone into a virtual race track.

Take control of the vehicle of your choice and sprint, jump and manoeuvre your way around the track, all while avoiding the perilous traps that get in your way.

ACTIV Racer includes headlights, vibrations and sounds.

Colours supplied at random for online orders.  Requests for specific colour can be included in order comments, though we cannot guarantee that colour will be available.

Age: 8+


Please note the app will request permission to use the camera and video access.

This is required for the app to be activated.

If you have denied the app permssion for this, the program will not open.

In order to rectify this, you will need to delete all app data, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Other reasons the app may not activate is because you are connected to a W-Fi network which prevents the app from accessing the Activations Database.

To fix this issue simply disconnect from your Wi-Fi network and reconnect on a 4G Network. 


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