Playmobil - Pirates - Pirates Treasure Island


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Playmobil - Pirates - Pirates Treasure Island

The Playmobil Pirate Treasure Island is the perfect destination for pirates to hide their buried treasure. The 2 main islands can be re positioned to create different landscapes to make the perfect pirate setting. In the middle of the stone arch is a falling rock trap to stop any boarding parties using the buoyant rowboat to get to the island.

If any unwanted visitors do make it they must be careful of the hidden trapdoor which leads to the islands dungeon. Behind the removable cliff with waterfall is a hidden area, perfect for hiding your buried treasure.

Playmobil encourages learning through interactive play and this set can be played on its own, or combine with other Playmobil sets for hours of fun.

Also contains - 3 Playmobil figures, Rowboat, Treasure and accessories.

  • Age: 4 yrs+

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