Schleich - Armoured Turtle with Weapon


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Schleich - Armoured Turtle with Weapon

This humpbacked colossus with its ferocious gaze is a master of deception: many foes think that the armoured turtle is slow and cumbersome – and pretty old to boot. And if it’s attacked, to start with it pretends to be sluggish and not very fast. But then suddenly and without warning, the armoured turtle will launch its devastating counterattack: spinning around lightning-fast and swinging its massive double-headed club at its enemies with incredible force! It also possesses secret close combat techniques that allow it to take out its foes in a matter of seconds. On top of that, it’s extremely well protected: it has stony armour on its back and chest, which no weapon can pierce. But crafty foes know how to quickly put the armoured turtle out of action: if it’s flipped onto its back, it takes hours for it to get back on its feet!

Contains - 1x armoured turtle, 1x weapon

  • With moveable arms!
  • With movable wrist!
  • Weapons can be swapped!
  • 2019 release
  • Item number: 42496
  • Dimensions: 15.10 x 11.0 x 18.0 cm (W x D x H)
  • Age: 7+

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