Schleich - Riding School with Riders and Horses


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Schleich - Riding School with Riders and Horses

The friends regularly meet at the riding school to train with their riding teacher. Dressage, showjumping, vaulting: the three friends really enjoy the highly varied training. After the riding lessons, they unsaddle the horses, reward them with apples and clean their coats using a horse brush and curry comb.

Contains - 1 x roof, 10 x paddocks, 1 x Lipizzaner mare, 1 x Appaloosa stallion, 1 x Shetland Pony mare, 1 x riding teacher, 1 x show rider, 1 x pony rider, 1 x vaulter, 1 x vaulting rider, 1 x vaulting saddle, 1 x lunge, 1 x vaulting whip, 1 x jumping saddle, pink, 1 x pony saddle, 3 x reins and bridle, 1 x saddle stand, 1 x halter, purple, 1 x feed box, 1 x apple, red, 1 x apple, green, 1 x bucket, green, 1 x grooming box, 1 x curry comb, blue, 1 x horse brush, 2 x box tree, 1 x obstacle with direction signs, 1 x sticker sheet, 1 x assembly instructions

  • Moveable roof window!
  • Height of obstacle can be adjusted according to riding ability!
  • Riding teacher can hold individual accessories in her hand to feed and brush the horse!
  • Stickers for decoration!
  • 2016 release
  • Item number: 42389
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 4.3 x 12.4 inch (W x D x H)
  • Age: 5+

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