Cash Drawer & Australian Play Money

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Cash Drawer & Australian Play Money

An open ended resource for assisting children to understand the concept of finance and money. With coin denominations moulded into the base of the tray, children can engage in sorting, counting and categorising money. Perfect for dramatic play spaces, mathematics focused experiences and free play.

Cash drawer is made of strong ABS plastic with coin denominations molded into each compartment. 

Notes are made of synthetic paper and do not tear. 

Details are realistic and the note lengths vary just like real money.

Coins are made of durable ABS plastic with realistic details.


  • 1 Cash Drawer
  • 25 Notes (1 x $100, 2 x $50, 4x $20, 9 x $10 & 9 x $5)
  • 27 Coins (5 x $2, 5 x $1, 2 x 50c, 5 x 20c, 5 x $10c & 5 x 5c)

Multiple items shown in picture - though price is for single item. Each sold separately.

Age: 5+


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